The CDC issued updated guidance for employers, including a user-friendly checklist for employers to prepare workplaces for return to work. Among the recommendations:

  1. Encourage employees to stay home when sick; provide flexible sick leave
  2. Physically ensure separation among employees
  3. Promote hygiene – frequent hand washing and sanitizing
    1. Post CDC posters on hand hygiene and coughing

Governor Mike DeWine announced a new list of business openings to come. The current timeline for the phased reopening of Ohio is as follows:

  • 5/15: Barbershops, salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors, and other personal care services (protocols are available here and for licensed massage therapy, cosmetic therapy, and acupuncture here)
  • 5/15: Restaurant patio dining

Many employers are busy worrying about declining revenue, stay-at-home government mandates, and keeping employees safe. Most have not considered the impact that changes imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic might have on their employee benefits.

Dependent care FSAs

Many employees experienced recent closures in their children’s schools and day cares. Employees that enrolled in dependent care

With a global pandemic comes wage and hour considerations that may not have been issues for employers pre-pandemic.

(1) Business expenses

With employees working remotely, workers are incurring necessary business expenses related to Internet access, print cartridges, personal cell phones, data plans, paper, and other equipment. In addition, even employee-provided face coverings (when required) and