The CDC issued updated guidance for employers, including a user-friendly checklist for employers to prepare workplaces for return to work. Among the recommendations:

  1. Encourage employees to stay home when sick; provide flexible sick leave
  2. Physically ensure separation among employees
  3. Promote hygiene – frequent hand washing and sanitizing
    1. Post CDC posters on hand hygiene and coughing and sneezing etiquette
  4. Encourage employees to wear cloth face coverings when social distancing is difficult to maintain
  5. Consider daily in-person health screenings
  6. Increase cleaning, especially frequently touched surfaces
  7. Provide incentives for employees to use other forms of public transportation that allow for single-occupancy rides
  8. Allow workers to request new hours to commute when it is less busy
  9. Support and encourage telework for employees who have serious underlying medical conditions making them high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19
  10. Make plans to continue operations in the event of a spike in absenteeism due to COVID-19, including cross training and identifying essential functions
  11. Social distancing
    1. Flexible worksites and hours
    2. Increase physical space between employees and employees and customers through moving work stations or physical barriers
    3. Close or limit access to common areas
    4. Prohibit handshaking
    5. Limit the number of people on elevators
  12. Implement flexible meeting and travel options
    1. Minimize work-related travel
    2. Encourage telework following travel
    3. Use video and teleconferencing when possible for meetings and travel
    4. Hold essential meetings in open, well-ventilated meeting spaces and follow social distancing and/or have employees wear face coverings
  13. Improve ventilation